Bay Area Gravel Pad & Driveway Contractor

Earthscape Gardens has all the necessary tools and expertise to not only install a rock driveway but repair or restore an existing one. To ensure that your gravel driveway can withstand any weather, we also specialize in gravel driveway grading. Basically, we can handle anything related to gravel driveways, like: rock delivery, new driveway installation, gravel grading, water and pot hole repair, and more. Regardless of if you need a residential gravel driveway or you need one for your commercial property, we have got you covered. Give us a call now for a free quote.

How Much Does a Gravel Driveway Cost?

We charge $2 per square foot on average for gravel driveway installation services. That beings the cost of installing an average gravel driveway to about $3,000. That being said, the cost can vary depending on a variety of factors like how much grading is needed, and how much vegetation we need to remove. That’s why if you’re interested in a stone driveway, we recommend that you call us for a custom quote on shed site leveling and preparation services.

Gravel Shed Site Foundation Preparation Builder/Contractor

If you’re looking to build a storage shed, it’s essential that you consider the foundation it’ll sit on as much as the construction of the shed itself. Both are vitally important for the stability and longevity of the structure. One of the best ways to do that is by installing a gravel pad. By adding a layer of gravel, you get a protective barrier between the ground and your shed. This will stop water from rain from damaging the foundation of your new shed. So let our gravel shed foundation contractors handle your site preparation for you and give your shed a solid foundation for years to come. Get in touch with our gravel pad installers today and let us provide you with a free inspection and shed base installation estimate.

How to Prepare the Ground for a Shed

Step 1: Measure

It is important to accurately measure out the foundation before starting work. Don’t forget to factor in an additional foot on the sides of the pad for added assurance.

Step 2: Gravel Ordering and Delivery

Depending on the specific measurements, you can get gravel delivered straight to your property or to a driveway or side yard.

Step 3: Remove Vegetation and Installing a Border

Begin by removing all vegetation from that area. Afterwards, install borders for the shed pad to ensure it stays in place.

Step 4: Foundation Compression

To make sure your shed will stay level over time, use a power compacter to level the soil beneath the pad. This ensures that any settling of gravel is minimized after the structure is placed upon it. Failure to do this could lead to an uneven surface and can cause problems down the road.

Step 5: Install Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric is a great way to further secure the base of your shed by preventing weeds from growing.

Step 6: Add and Rake the Gravel For the Shed Pad

Use a rake to level the gravel out and even out the surface as much as possible. Make sure all the corners and edges are filled in.

Step 7: Gravel Compression

Using the same power compacter that you used on the dirt, compress the gravel so that it’s more stable. The loose gravel will be transformed into a firm, even foundation for your shed with this process.

Step 8: Make Sure Your Gravel Pad is Level

After spreading and flattening your gravel, make sure it’s level using a level. If it’s not level adjust the gravel until it is.

Our Service Area and Company Headquarters

Initially we were headquartered in Los Altos, but then we moved to a bigger space in to Cupertino, and eventually we settled into a space in Sunnyvale which is where we are located currently. Most of our clients are in the Silicon Valley/San Jose area, but we service all of Santa Clara County (the South Bay Area) and San Mateo County (the San Francisco Peninsula). That inludes: Portola Valley, San Bruno, Los Gatos, Pacifica, Belmont, Menlo Park, Burlingame, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay, San Carlos, Saratoga, Millbrae, Daly City, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Woodside, Hillsborough, Brisbane, Mountain View, Redwood City, San Jose, Foster City, Campbell, Santa Clara, Atherton, South San Francisco, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and more. Call us now for a free quote!