About Us and Our Mission

About Earthscape Gardens

Earthscape Gardens was started with the intention of respecting and enjoying the beauty of nature. Our mission is to help provide our clients with a sustainable, functional, and conscious approach to their garden and landscape. We take pride in knowing that we provide value for people in our community and our local environment.

We want to help people plant more California native plants, grow more food, and use less water in their landscapes.

Here are some topics we are knowledgeable and passionate about:

California Native Plants

Native plants have many benefits. You can irrigate little or not at all once established, and you can help to nurture the local wildlife and native pollinators. Many native plants have amazing flowers and smells. They have evolved and adapted to California’s climate and soils.

Growing Food

You can produce organic food in your yard, grown for quality and nutrition. Eat freshly picked food, grown without questionable chemicals. My favorite things to grow are potatoes, lettuce, arugula, and berries. We also love fruit trees.

Low Water Gardens

Here in California, water is an increasingly valuable and delicate resource. High water landscapes are increasingly inappropriate. Especially because you can have gorgeous gardens and grow food with less water than many traditional landscapes.