Earthscape Gardens provides landscape design services. We can install and maintain the designs as well if you want to keep it all in house. Whenever it applies, we focus designing with California native plants, reusing materials, low water plants, growing food, low maintenance gardens, and pollinator friendly gardens. We are flexible and can design many types of landscapes, and can provide conceptual designs to detailed plans.


Earthscape Gardens provides fine gardening and sustainable landscape and garden maintenance services. We do our best to be flexible with each client’s scope of work and budget by providing several options for garden maintenance plans. We are not a mow and blow type service. We focus on fine gardening, and full service landscape maintenance. We provide mowing and blowing in addition to the plant maintenance in our maintenance plans. Our gardeners take pride in mindful and horticultural practices.
A typical garden maintenance plan consists of pruning, weeding, irrigation maintenance, plant health care, blowing, debris, etc. Our most common plans are twice a month and once a month plans. Contact us for more information on how to sign up for a maintenance plan.


Earthscape Gardens provides landscaping and garden installation/enhancements. We can help to install a variety of landscape and garden projects. Whenever possible in projects, we promote low water gardens but we are flexible with installing many types of landscapes. We do full landscape installations from scratch, or smaller enhancements like planting upgrades for example. Contact us more for information for an estimate and proposal for your project.


Earthscape Gardens provides irrigation services. We work on and install controllers, valves, sprinkler irrigation systems, and drip irrigation systems. Whether you need a full irrigation installation, a re-do of your irrigation system, or service and repairs on your irrigation system, we can help. Contact us for more information. Our favorite sprinklers are MP Rotators, and our favorite drip irrigation is Netafim.


Earthscape Gardens provides low voltage landscape lighting. We work on and install transformers, wiring, lighting fixtures like path lighting, uplighting, etc. Whether you need a new lighting system or service and repairs on your existing system, we can help. Contact us for more information.


Earthscape Gardens provides carpentry installation in the landscape. We can help install raised beds for your vegetable garden. We can help with redwood fencing and gates as well. In addition, we can help build a pergola structure for your landscape, as well as decks. We mostly work with redwood for our landscape carpentry projects.