Grass Cutting, Removal, and Disposal Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

It is no secret that California is in a drought that is causing all kinds of problems with the environment and the local economy. One of the biggest contributors to this water crisis is lawns. In fact, it is estimated that around half of the water that California property owners use is outdoors on landscaping. For that reason the California government has created all sorts of incentives to get rid of your grass and replace it with drought resistant landscaping. It is also the main reason why Earthscape Gardens is so passionate about restoring the local ecosystem with California native plans and landscaping. We have been providing high quality sustainable landscaping services in the Santa Clara County (the South Bay Area) and San Mateo County (the San Francisco Peninsula) for over 10 years now. Our headquarters is currently in Sunnyvale, but we started in Los Altos and used to be headquartered in Cupertino. Sustainable landscaping is our speciality and we take pride in being able to save the environment while putting money back in our client’s pockets. Below is more information on how these turf removal programs work.

California Turf Removal and Replacement Rebate Program

Government rebates will vary based off of your local area, but here are some rebates that you can get:
    • The rebates are generally offered per square foot. More specifically, you can get $2 or more per square foot grass that has been turned into sustainable landscaping. Keep in mind that this rebate has a limit of up to 5,000 square feet of grass, but most lawns won’t exceed this limit. Think about if you had a 1000 square foot lawn, you could get $2,000 of rebate just from this one rebate. That’s not even including all of the additional rebates you could possibly get and the money and time you will save by converting your lawn into low water and maintenance landscaping.
    • Water agencies often offer rebates also, so it’s a good idea to contact the one that you use to see if they offer any rebates.
    • There are plenty of devices, such as: weather based irrigation controllers, moisture sensors in the soil, rotating nozzles, rain barrels or cisterns that can be used to save water. For that reason, the government offers additional rebates for people that use these devices. Contact your local government to see if you would be eligible.

How to Remove Grass Lawns From Yard and Replace it With Drought-Resistant Landscaping

If you are wondering how to remove your grass and replace it with a desert landscape or some other sustainable landscape then you have come to the right place. We are experts at doing just that. We have grading and sod cutting tools to handle pretty much any lawn removal job needed. Most commonly we will use motorized sod cutter tool to remove the sod properly. Once we have cut the sod we will haul it away and dispose of the sod for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Sustainable Lawn Replacement Ideas

Once we have removed your lawn there are all sorts of things that we can put in place of it for you. Here at Eathscape Gardens we are experts and sustainable landscaping design so we can work with you to find an optimal sustainable landscape that works for you. There are many lawn alternatives that we can install in place of your lawn, but here are just a few of the most popular ones:

Replacing Grass with Mulch

One of the most common things that our customers do is replace their glass with mulch. This is also quite affordable because mulch is not very expensive or difficult for us to install.

Replacing Grass with Groundcover Like Clover

There are many plants that look like grass but don’t require the same amount of maintenance and water as sod. If you like the look of it, ground cover can be a great lawn alternative.

Converting Grass to Gravel and Rocks

Gravel is a great option particularly in the front yard because it can extend your driveway. It is also quite affordable, requires no maintenance, and easy to install. Larger landscape rocks can add a nice touch to any landscape and require no maintenance kind of like gravel.

Converting Grass to California Native Plant Landscape

There are so many beautiful California native plants that can be used in your garden, and we highly recommend utilizing them. Here at Earthscape Gardens we are experts at California native landscaping design so we can help you choose which plants are the best for your goals. So if you’re thinking about converting your lawn to natural area, then we have got you covered.

Replace Lawn With Edible Garden

This is one of our favorite things to replace your lawn with because you get to grow food in the process. Creating an edible garden is both fun and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t need to be difficult. Here at Eathscape Gardens we can plant easy to maintain plants so that you don’t need to worry about them often.

Converting Lawn to Xeriscape or Some Other Desert Landscaping

By definition, Xeriscaping reduces or eliminates the use of watering so of course it is drought-friendly. Many of our clients choose to go with this type of landscape and we highly recommend considering it based on your needs.

Grass Lawn Removal and Disposal Cost

The cost for us to remove and dispose of your lawn will generally be about $4 per square foot. That being said, you will be able to get a government rebate of at least $2 per square foot that can make up for a lot of this cost. We will also put part of this cost towards the conversion cost to drought-tolerant landscaping if you choose to do that part of the project with us also. The cost of lawn replacement services with sustainable landscaping will depend on the type of landscaping that you want to replace it with. Give us a call for a free customized quote on that.